#FridayFive: Why You Need to See Sigur Rós Live (Especially in 2017)

Even if you aren’t a super huge Sigur Rós fan, I’ve never seen any other band captivate and mesmerize an audience as they do in their live performance. They put on an enchanting rock-slash-orchestral show, merging the various instruments to create a truly magical experience, an incredible feat for a trio of musicians. They don’t often go on extensive tours, so it really is worth seeing them when they do.

Productivity is Today’s Biggest Obsession

A productivity-focused desk

I’m hesitant to talk about productivity. It seems as though the world’s greatest artists and musicians aren’t concerned with it, because art apparently simply “happens”. It’s inspiration. Talent. Waking up at 3 a.m. in a frenzy because you’ve just had a great songwriting idea. Basically magic, if we put it this way. Setting a schedule and following it kind of takes the “spur of the moment” out of art.